Monoprice Mini Select

If someone told me last year I would be able to buy a 3d printer on Amazon for $200 in 2016 I would have laughed but sure enough sitting on my desk is a $200 plug and play 3d Printer. I would be even more surprised if someone told me it was going to be the same brand as the cheap HDMI cables I bought last year. First impressions of the print quality have been surprisingly solid aside from the pain of leveling the bed and making sure the first layer sticks. If you end up buying one read these two articles on hackaday:

The only other tricky part is making sure you import the correct slicer settings into Cura. John Biehler has a great write in detail about getting the printer setup: Mini Setup

My only complaint is the fact its way louder than you would expect. I plan to build a cabinet around it in the future to reduce its noisiness. If you are looking for a budget 3d printer in a small form factor this is the printer for you.